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Does Carpet Cleaning Cause Carpets to Become Soiled Again More Quickly?

You may have heard that having your carpets cleaned can cause them to become soiled again more quickly. For the most part, this is untrue. As long as your carpets are cleaned by a qualified professional, they won’t become soiled again any more quickly than they would have without the cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Carrollton GA

However, there are some situations where having your carpets cleaned can cause them to become soiled again more quickly. For instance, low quality carpet cleaning machines often leave behind soap residue on your carpet. This residue in turn attracts dirt and grime, causing your carpets to get soiled more quickly than they would have without cleaning.

The best way to avoid this problem is by hiring a qualified professional for the job. Avoid renting DIY carpet cleaning equipment from grocery stores or mass merchandisers. These machines are generally low quality and won’t remove all of the soap from your carpet. The money you save by trying to clean your carpets yourself won’t matter much if you have to hire someone to clean them again soon after.

A better option is to look for a professional carpet cleaner in your area that uses top-quality equipment. This will help ensure that all of the soap is removed from your carpets. Without any remaining residue left in the carpet fibers, there is nothing to attract dirt. As a result, your carpets won’t become soiled any more quickly than they normally would.

When choosing a carpet cleaning company, it is a good idea to look online for reviews. This allows you to weed out any companies that offer poor customer service or use low quality equipment. By choosing a company with high ratings across the board, you can help ensure that your carpets stay clean and fresh for years to come. Carpet Cleaning Phoenix AZ

How To Find The Best Way To Remove Candle Wax From Carpets

Imagine that you are having a nice dinner in your living room with a special table set. The music plays, the dim lights are just the picture for a nice dinner, with a glass or two of wine. After dinner, your guest leave and you fall asleep on the sofa, only to wake up a few hours later to learn that your wax candles have melted all over your carpet. Now what do you do? Carpet Cleaning Baytown TX

There is no need to panic, as your carpet is not ruined. All you have to do is to fill a plastic bag that is waterproof with ice cubes, and lay the bag on top of the melted wax on the carpet. Be sure that there are no leaks or condensation from the bag, but you want the wax to freeze. Carpet Cleaning Plano TX

Once the wax has frozen, scrape off as much as you are able off of the carpet with a dull knife. You won’t get it all, but this will get most of it.

Next spread a brown paper (from a paper bag) or clean terry cloth over the area where the wax has melted. Take a warm iron and run it over the cloth or paper to heat the was. As the wax melts, it will be absorbed into the paper or the cloth. Don’t let the iron get too hot, as it could melt the carpet or cause the paper to burn.

Repeat the paper or terry cloth procedure until you have gotten rid of all of the wax, or as much as you can see. Then use a carpet cleaning solution to just be sure you have gotten all of the wax and dirt that stuck on the wax.

When you are finished, you can apply some carpet freshener to make the area smell good.  Always get your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.

Why Pet Dander and Dirt are Bad For Your Carpets

Pet dander and dirt are bad for carpets as they will work their way deep into the fibers. Even though the carpets may appear to be neat and clean, this pet dander and dirt are working their way into the fibers and wearing them down. Water Damage Sterling VA Blog

The more a carpet is worn down the sooner it must be replaced. Professional carpet cleaners know this and their job is to clean the pet dander and dirt out of the carpet.

It is not enough to just vacuum the carpet on a weekly basis. It is very important to vacuum daily and remove as much as the pet dander and debris as possible. Move the furniture around and get in and underneath of things.

Vacuum high traffic areas daily or even twice per day if needed. The more you can suck out with the vacuum the better your carpet is going to look.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company at least once per year and have the carpeting professionally cleaned. They have the proper equipment to suck the pet dander and dirt out of the depths of the carpet without damaging the fibers.

Carpets that are not cleaned properly and frequently will wear out and need to be replaced much more quickly than carpets that are well maintained. It is important to have guests remove shoes and wear their socks only on the carpet to help preserve the integrity of carpeting. (Carpet Cleaning Barrington IL)

Shoes can bring in a lot of dirt and dust on them not to mention pet hair and other unknown fibers and contaminants that may damage carpeting.

Professional cleaning is a great way to ensure that your carpeting is going to last as long as possible. It is also the best way to get rid of that deep down dirt that can leave it dingy and smelly.

Benefits Of Using A Professional Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

It’s no doubt that you may be tempted to hire a carpet cleaning equipment and clean your carpet by yourself. While this may seem a better financial option, from many other angles it isn’t. In fact, it is good to consider hiring our professional carpet cleaning San Jose CA. Here are reasons why you should hire our carpet cleaning professionals.
1. Equipment and Skills
Our carpet cleaning service not only has modern equipment, but also skills to undertake the exercise. We will therefore help you clean your carpet professionally, dry it within a short period of time and return it without any problem. This means that we’ll use the right cleaning equipment, correct cleaning detergents and appropriate cleaning techniques. The results of our services therefore are stain-free carpets and good looking floors.
2. Carpet diversity
Our carpet cleaning San Jose CA professionals have knowledge and skills to handle many carpets. This means that you don’t have to worry about the type of the carpet you have. Our carpet cleaning experts will handle any type of carpet, which means that your work will not stall the moment you call us. Carpet Cleaning Yucaipa, CA
3. Save time
When you hire our carpet cleaning professionals, you save time. This is because our carpet cleaning professional will not only do a quick job, but also allow you to undertake other activities. You therefore don’t have to work on your carpet so as enjoy a clean environment. The time you save can therefore be used to undertake other important development projects.
The above are some of the reasons why you should hire our professional carpet cleaning service. The good thing is that you don’t have to personally come to our offices. You can easily reach and book our carpet cleaning services through




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How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

Just about everyone has carpeting somewhere in their house, and all of that carpeting get dirty and needs to be cleaned. That’s why it can pay off big if you start a carpet cleaning business. Being a carpet cleaner is more than just using a big vacuum or sucking up dirt with a shampooer, it means being an honest, hard-working and dedicated service provider.

Provide Good Services to Customers

If you want to have a successful carpet cleaning business, you have to do a good job and provide your customers with a service they will brag about to their friends. That means you need to own the best cleaning supplies that you can afford, such as the CRB counter rotating brush machines, deep cleaning brushes, and other gear that most people have when they decide to start a carpet business.

Some of the services clients expect are not just carpet cleaning, but being able to expect you to do the job without too much of a disruption to their daily lives, like being willing to move the furniture around, and doing the extras like cleaning the furniture too if that service is desired.

Carpet cleaning is a service that ensures a client’s rugs are clean and fresh and it makes them happy. Having a happy customer means more money for you, as well as being able to provide a service that just about everyone needs, which is helping to keep their carpets sparkling and clean.  Get Photographs Of Jobs & Staff!  Wedding Photography Phillipsburg MT

How Healthy Is Your Lifestyle

Carpet Cleaning Marketing


Compelling evidence shows that certain lifestyle behaviors can improve health, prevent premature death and may even prolong life. The problem is that people often drift along, continuing their unhealthy ways – maybe vowing to stop smoking or drink less “some day soon” – until a disease or health problem strikes and it may be too late to reverse the damage. Assessing your lifestyle and how it affects health before illness occurs is a wise precaution. (However, changing one’s lifestyle even after illness can sometimes improve health – for instance giving up cigarettes and exercising more after a heart attack.) Why assess lifestyle risks? Accumulating scientific evidence shows that a few simple lifestyle habits can directly improve health and decrease disease risks. Much disability and premature death from today’s foremost killers – heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, suicide and unintentional injuries – stem from everyday habits. Over half the premature deaths in North America are blamed on unhealthy behaviors such as cigarette smoking, insufficient exercise, excessive alcohol intake and a fat-laden diet. Only six per cent of premature deaths are considered avoidable through better medical care. A California study has demonstrated that disease risks can be reduced by not smoking cigarettes, moderating alcohol use, eating breakfast, having regular physical activity, maintaining desirable weight, getting enough (7-8 hours) nightly sleep and having close social networks.   The effect is cumulative: the greater the number of good lifestyle habits, the greater the chance of better health and a longer life. A recent Canadian study confirmed a lower chance of premature death by avoiding cigarette smoking, high blood pressure (related to obesity and insufficient exercise), adult-onset diabetes (due to obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise) and excess alcohol consumption. (However, some everyday influences are an unavoidable part of the environment, over which individuals have little control – such as air pollution or traffic noise.) *Cleaning Blog* To evaluate your lifestyle, ask yourself a few key questions about everyday activities such as the amount of fat you eat, smoking and drinking habits – see checklist below – and evaluate which might be improving your health or perhaps damaging it. Consider seeking advice from a health professional about habits you wish to change. Quick, easy computer programs help rate your lifestyle To help people assess the health impact of various lifestyle activities, a new Computerized Lifestyle Assessment (CLA) program, developed by the Addiction Research Foundation and the University of Toronto, provides a practical, quick, confidential and easy method of evaluating lifestyle strengths and weaknesses. The computer program, which takes 20 minutes to run, asks detailed questions about 16 lifestyle activities, with graphic feedback along the way and a printed report at the end. Identification and feedback about risk activities that undermine health often lead people to improve their lifestyle and seek advice from a health professional. For details about the CLA program, call or contact the publisher, Multi-Health Systems, at 1-800-268-6011. The computer program asks questions about. * substance abuse; * health maintenance; * preventive activities; * social and intimate relationships; * mental and emotional wellbeing. The program feeds back information about: * lifestyle strengths or activities to keep up * areas of concern or factors that can threaten health * risk areas requiring action to prevent disease The final printout pinpoints health-harming behaviours, some of which may come as a surprise, others that may be known to the person who might be “thinking about” changing them. For example, a woman who thinks she leads a healthy life – doesn’t smoke, drink or take other drugs, eats a low-fat vegetarian diet and exercises three times a week – may have emotional problems stemming from poor social relationships and a perfectionist attitude. Or, a man who doesn’t smoke, drinks little alcohol and has good work and personal relationships may endanger his health by being overweight with the beginnings of diabetes, hypertension and a potential heart problem. Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio -  Curiously, computers sometimes elicit more personal information about sensitive lifestyle areas than a doctors interview. For instance, many people find it easier to report excess alcohol consumption to a computer than to a physician. Women, especially, seem more likely to confide alcohol, sexual and other problems to a computer than to a doctor. Computerized psychiatric histories sometimes spot problems missed by clinicians – such as suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression or phobias. Adolescent and student lifestyles especially poor. One recent study found that seven out of 10 people questioned were particularly worried about nutrition and half were also concerned about physical inactivity. A study of Queen’s University students found that over 80 per cent fail to get regular medical/dental care, and over half consume excess alcohol and have poor management of work-leisure time. Study results show student health problems with: * Alcohol: * Cannabis: * Cigarettes: * Stress: * Inactivity: * Weight: * Sex: * Condom use: Adolescent eating habits can endanger health. Many adolescents receive inadequate nutrition due to poor diets, irregular eating habits and eating disorders that stem from the wish to conform to society’s idealization of thinness. “Weight control” techniques such as self-induced vomiting and diarrhea are widespread. A recent U.S. National Adolescent Health Survey found 61 per cent of adolescent females and 28 per cent of adolescent males were dieting, 51 per cent often fasted, 16 per cent used diet pills and 12 per cent practiced vomiting. Teens had poor dietary practices because of: * Excessive preoccupation with physical appearance; * Western society’s obsession with thinness; * Carpet Cleaning Concord CA * Eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. Lifestyle habits can improve health: * not smoking tobacco; * maintaining desirable weight (avoiding obesity); * good nutrition (following Canada’s Food Guide); * exercising regularly and sufficiently (at least 30 minutes three times a week); * getting enough sound nightly sleep (7-8 hours); * avoiding accidental injuries by taking safety measures (such as seatbelts and helmets); * practicing motor vehicle safety; * moderating alcohol use; * avoiding other recreational drugs; * getting regular dental care and medical check-ups as advised; * fostering family, work and social networks; * having safe and satisfying sexual relationships; * avoiding or learning how to cope with excess stress; * enjoining sufficient leisure-time activities and relaxation; * getting any needed therapy for mental problems. Lifestyle changes occur in five stages Stage 1: Pre-contemplation – the health risk of a particular life-style activity is (largely) unrecognized, denied or trivialized. Stage 2: Contemplation – admitting to a health risk and thinking about making a change “some day. Stage 3: Preparation – motivated and ready for change “soon”, planning how and what to do, often setting an actual date. Stage 4: Action – active steps to change behaviour – e.g., giving up cigarettes, walking to work instead of driving, drinking less – setting a specific schedule and definite goals. Stage 5: Maintenance – long-term change achieved and kept up. Just asking can make a difference. Surveys show that many people expect physicians or nurses to ask about and give advice or information regarding health. Given the chance, many people would like to discuss lifestyle concerns such as nutrition, obesity, alcohol,other drug use, family conflicts, elderly relatives, sexual problems and chronic pain – but often hesitate to do so unless asked

Healthy eating for a healthy body – Carpet Cleaning In Orlando

Healthy eating means many things to many people, and everyone has different goals for the perfect diet. The key to following a healthy diet is to find a diet you can stick with for the rest of your life. A diet should not be simply a temporary change in the way you life, eat and exercise. Rather, it should be a permanent change that you can live with day in and day out, year in and year out.

For some people, a healthy diet can be as simple as increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. For others, a radical change, involving strict control of fat and cholesterol, may be required.

Of course what is needed will depend on the goal of each individual. The serious runner in search of greater conditioning will of course have different goals than the couch potato who is concerned about the possibility of heart disease.

Even though every person will different goals when it comes to healthy eating, the basic tenets of healthy eating are the same. The most important thing is to eat a good variety of foods, while eating less of the bad stuff and more of the good.

That may sound like an oversimplification, but it really is that easy. Putting that simple concept into proactive, however, is the hard part. Everyone wants to eat healthier, but there are so many temptations in today’s world that healthy eating can be very difficult. The key is to make healthy choices as appealing as unhealthy ones.

One way to make healthy foods appealing is buying a wide variety of exotic fruits at the local supermarket. There are probably varieties of fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store that you never even heard of before. Why not make your next trip to the grocery store an adventure by sampling these exotic offerings?

Experimenting with new recipes is another great way to bring excitement and adventure to healthy eating. A quick perusal of your favorite low fat or healthy eating cookbook will likely present you with many fun and exciting recipes to try. Often a new cookbook, or a couple of new recipes are all it takes to spur a healthier lifestyle.

(Carpet Cleaning Mission Viejo)

It is also important to know that eating healthier does not necessarily mean making a radical change. There are very simple things you can do, such as cutting the skin off your chicken breast, or trimming the fat from your favorite steak, that can result in significant fat reductions and health improvements. Dieters should not overlook the importance of these small changes when seeking a healthier diet.

Other examples of small changes resulting in healthier eating include:

- Replacing whole milk with skim or 2%, both in recipes and for drinking – Snacking on sorbet or low fat frozen yogurt instead of premium ice cream – Spraying pans with nonfat cooking spray instead of using butter or margarine – Replacing high fat cuts of meat with leaner ones – Eating more low fat fish and less red meat – Using egg substitutes, the kind made from egg whites, in recipes, meals and baking

There are probably hundreds of other such tips, and they can add up to significant health improvements, whether your goal is to get fit, lose weight or improve your level of health. No matter who you are or what your current level of fitness, eating a healthier diet and losing weight may be easier than you think.

In the end, eating a healthy diet, improving your level of fitness, and managing your consumption of fat and cholesterol boils down to common sense. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods can be counterproductive to a long term dietary change. Deprivation leads inevitably to cravings, and that can start a vicious cycle of dieting and splurging.

It is best to think of healthy eating as a marathon rather than a sprint. The goal of any healthy eating program should be to make easy, lifelong changes in the way you shop, cook and dine. Only by making changes that you can follow for a lifetime will you truly be able to enjoy a healthy diet. House Cleaning Blog: